29 Funny Job Titles That Are So Ridiculous They Actually Rock. No #7 Is What You Would All Want To Be

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Job titles are not always what they’re named. Meaning, sometimes a job title is specifically created to meet a person’s place in a firm. Maybe it is an exceptional person and the job title is tailor-made on him or maybe he’s just an impostor and the job title is just a justification. I’m sure you all know these examples. But today it is not really about that kind of job titles. Today is all about the funny job titles of the world.

Today it is about those hilarious job title names that appear below a person’s face when interviewed. Most usually, the journalists are trying to make light into the facts and that’s why you have a name and an occupation there. These 29 examples, on the other hand, are some hilarious failures and WTF kind of job titles. Enjoy! You’ll have a blast!

1. Awww! I would love to be a professional snuggler

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2. Best job in the world

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3. The job of the future!

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4. Didn’t know elephants had a supreme commander!

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5. It requires a certain level of skill and a university degree. Don’t laugh! It’s a hard job, not meant for everyone!

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6. When you’re the CEO of Science, you know you’ve made it

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7. I knew MILFs had a bad-ass commander. You rock!

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8. We’ve got something really special here! Love this funny job title

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9. Lube management, where does the lube go?

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10. Interested? Anyone? I think this is the weirdest title on the funny job titles list

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11. The best job in the world

hilarious job titles 11 (1)

12. Experts, experts are everywhere…funniest job titles

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13. Such a unique and hard job. Not everyone can do it!

fail job titles 13 (1)


14. This gotta’ be a very dirty job

fail job titles 14 (1)

15. The Vikings invented science. You have no idea…

fail job titles 15 (1)

16. Well, well, well. It’s a wonder he lived this much, don’t you think?

fail job titles 16 (1)

17. Pretty obvious, I think, not really a funny job title, but still.

fail job titles 17 (1)

18. Penguins are very complex beings and they need their own type of specialist. Why are you laughing?

funny job descriptions 18 (1)


19. Of course sandbags need a director

funny job descriptions 19 (1)

20. Bears and paper go hand in hand

funny job descriptions 20 (1)

21. A man gotta’ be an expert on something

funny job descriptions 21 (1)

22. So, you’ve got a piece of Infinity and then you make it infinite so that you can say you’ve got an infinite infinity and make sense, right?

funny job descriptions 22 (1)

23. A very encyclopedic person, we created this list of funny job titles for this guy

crazy job titles 23 (1)

24. Hmm… something smells fishy here!

crazy job titles 24 (1)

25. So you take a bar of chocolate and a beer and you mix them together and you get a Chocolate beer specialist

crazy job titles 25 (1)

26. We need to know where it all started, right?

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27. With all the drama in a cat’s life, yes, you need this specialist – funniest job titles ever

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28. He doesn’t look like it. Where’s the moonshine hidden?

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29. But of course. A bread scientist is what the planet needs.

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If these funny job titles got you thinking about a career change, don’t let us stop you

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