25 Unexplained Photos That Are So Creepy We don’t Want To Know The Truth

Since the first photo was taken, and through the year until now, there have been many unexplained photos that surfaces every few days/months/years that no one can explain. Today with modern technology it’s easier to manipulate images, so whenever an unexplained image appears on the internet or somewhere else, it is immediately called a fake.

But going back to a simpler time, there was no Photoshop or other sophisticated editing softwares, so some of these old photos, some of them in black and white couldn’t be editing or manipulated in such a way to trick the people seeing them. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying every photo on this gallery is real, but still at the time some of these photos were taken, it’s hard to explain what you see.

The list of mysterious photos feature some pictures that might never be explained or solved, from creepy ghosts to time travelers and other unnatural phenomenon. Most of the images here were tested and examined in some way by expert over the years and there is no definitive explained to most of them.

Browse the list below and try to offer your take on what could happen in some of these, to be honest, some of the images just creep me out

1. The sea monster of Hook Island

unexplained photos (1)

This photo taken by French photographer Robert Serrec in 1964 on the coastline of Queensland, Australia. You can see that this thing looks like a giant snake but it could also be a large trap or something similar, it has never been explained and remains a mystery today.

2. The Hessdalen lights is another one of the unexplained photos list

unexplained photos 2 (1)

You can see these yellow and white lights in Hessdalen Valley, Norway roughly 10-20 times per year, Since 1940 when they first appear it looks like they are floating in the air close to the ground and gradually disappearing over the years as you could have seen them up to 20 times per week back in the day. There have been many researches and working hypotheses regarding the lights origin, however until this day nothing is concluded.

3. Cooper family photo – crazy

unexplained photos 3 (1)

When the Cooper’s moved to their new house in Texas they wanted to take a photo to remember this happy occasion. Little did they know that their photo will be famous forever because of another thing completely. It was during the 50’s and as you can see from the developed photo, it looks like there’s a man falling or hanging from the ceiling. One of the speculation is that this man was the previous owner of the house and he haunts it. No one knows for sure.

4. Is that a time traveller?

unexplained photos 4 (1)

This is a little bit far-fetched, but during a filming of a Charlie Chaplin film in 1928, you can see an old lady walking the street with what appears to be a cell phone. You can’t really see the phone, but she walks with her hand close to her ear as we do today while talking. Obviously, mobile phones were not invented yet during that time so it’s strange to see this kind of walk, regardless if she is a time traveller or not.

5. The Falcon lake incident

unexplained photos 5 (1)

Back in 1967, a man named Stefan Michalak said he encountered an unidentified flying object close to Falcon Lake in Canada. When he got close enough to touch the object it suddenly burst into the air and lifted off while knocking him to the ground on his back. Michalak claims that he was burnt by the flying object exhaust vent that was covered by a grid and it left marks on his chest that is clearly visible in the photo you see here. After this unexplained event, Michalak got very sick with symptoms resembling radiation poisoning but no one ever figured out what was the source of the burns.

6. The Hampton court ghost

unexplained photos 6 (1)

The creepy ghost figure you see in the photo here was captured by the security camera at the Hampton Court, which is located in the Greater London area and is known for its violent history. The figure is opening the doors while walking outside the court but the guards rushed to the scene they didn’t see anything. It is said that this was only one of many ghosts that haunts this place.

7. Fairy circles

unexplained photos 7 (1)

These fairy circles have been puzzling the scientists for a very long time. Even today the origin of circles found in the arid grasslands of the western part of Southern Africa is not known. One of the assumptions that could explain their appearance is a sand termite but the range of the phenomena is much wider that of the termite species.

8. Solway spaceman

unexplained photos 8 (1)

This photo was taken by Jim Templeton near Solway Firth in Cumbria, England in 1964. It’s one of the most mysterious photos in the world because of the image resembling a spaceman behind the girl. Templeton insisted he did not see anyone else present when he was taking the photo.

9. The pyramid on the moon unexplained photo

unexplained photos 9 (1)

Apollo 17 in December 1972 during its flight to the Moon took this photo near the area named Geophone Rock. After retouching it NASA realised it’s not completely blank as they categorised it at first. It was never explained to the public what that image resembling pyramid on the Moon could be.

10. Freddy Jackson picture

unexplained photos 10 (1)

Air mechanic Freddy Jackson had an accident with a fatal outcome in 1919. He was killed by an aeroplane propeller during his shift. Just two days later, on the day of Jackson’s funeral, a group photoshoot of his squadron was scheduled. On the shock of everybody who seen the picture when it was developed, an image of Freddy Jackson was among his colleagues. Some think his spirit was unaware what happened two days ago and just came to the photoshoot as planned.

11. Tulip staircase ghost

unexplained photos 11 (1)

This is the famous photography of Tulip Staircase in the Queen’s House section of the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England. What was meant to be just a picture of the elegant stairs turned out as some kind of proof for rumours that the vicinity of the staircase are haunted cause unexplained footsteps have often been heard there. Photo taken by rev. Ralph Hardy shows a shrouded figure climbing the stairs. The original negative was not tempered, the examination concluded.

12. The Phoenix lights

unexplained photos 12 (1)

Thousands of people in the Phoenix area saw a strange and unexplained phenomenon in March 1997. Several theories by experts appeared about what could cause a triangular formation of lights seen to pass over the state and a series of stationary lights, but neither of them explained clearly what happened on that day.

13. The battle of Los Angeles photo

unexplained photos 13 (1)

This is a photo from LA newspapers from 1942. The Battle of Los Angeles is also known as the Great Los Angeles Air Raid and it was thought that it shows enemy attack and subsequent anti-aircraft artillery barrage but some modern UFO-logists think it actually shows an extraterrestrial ship.

14. Elisa Lam Death

unexplained photos 14 (1)

Elisa Lam, a 21-old student, has died in a mysterious way in Los Angeles in 2013. It’s a creepy story which took place in Hotel Cecil where she was staying. Lam was found dead in a rooftop water tank and it’s not clear how she ended up there. There is only bizarre video footage from hotel’s elevator showing her strange behaviour; Lam exiting and re-entering the elevator, talking and gesturing in the hallway outside, and sometimes seeming to hide from someone or something inside the elevator.

15. Hipster time traveler

unexplained photos 15 (1)

This picture was taken in 1941. It is from the re-opening of the South Fork Bridge in Gold Bridge, British Columbia. You can easily notice what is strange about this photo. The photo went viral recently because of the man who look inappropriately modern for a style that was common in 40’s. Clothes, sunglasses even the camera in his hands are very advanced for that period. He has been called time-traveling hipster on the Internet.

16. Babushka lady

unexplained photos 16 (1)

This mysterious lady from this pic got nickname Babushka lady cause she was never identified and this photo was taken after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963. The most of the people took covers because of the incident which just happened but she is standing still with a camera, probably taking photos. Babushka lady was never positively identified nor the film she may have taken.

17. Naga fireballs

unexplained photos 17 (1)

This is a beautiful natural phenomenon which is still without scientific explanation. The Naga fireballs or the Mekong lights can be seen on the Mekong river in Thailand and Laos; glowing reddish balls are alleged to naturally rise from the water high into the air.

18. 9/11 survivor

unexplained photos 18 (1)

A person from this picture obviously survived the terrorist attack on September 11th 2001. She is standing at the edge of the demolished South Tower which was hit by the aeroplane, probably trying to get some help. The person was never identified or her destiny after this photo was taken. Talking about unexplained photos, this was the first that came to mind

19. S.S Watertown ghosts

unexplained photos 19 (1)

This bizarre photo was taken in the December 1924 by the order of the ship captain because faces of the killed crew members which were buried in the sea appeared in the water on the next day. James Courtney and Michael Meehan were cleaning a cargo tank of the oil tanker when they were overcome by gas fumes and were buried later in the sea. Their faces kept appearing in the water and many crew members reported to see them too. The negative of this photo was later checked and proclaimed authentic.

20. The Death of Evelyn McHale

unexplained photos 20 (1)

Evelyn McHale decided to end her life by jumping from the 86’th floor of the Empire State building in New York in May 1947. This photo was taken only a few minutes after the fall by photography student Robert Wiles. As you can see her body was unnaturally intact, considering the enormous height she fell from. The death of 23-year-old Evelyn McHale is often referred as “the most beautiful suicide”.

21. Worstead church ghost

unexplained photos 21 (1)

This photo was taken in 1975, Diane and Peter Berthelot went on a visit to the Worstead Church in North UK. While they were in the church, Peter decided to take a picture of his wife while she sat and prayed on one of the benches. When they developed the picture they were amazed to see that a ghostly figure was sitting next to her. They went back to the church to investigate and they learned that it was the white lady known as a healer who is believed to haunt the church.

22. Candy man 29 victim

unexplained photos 22 (1)

We all know about Candy Man AKA Dean Corll, he was a notorious serial killer who abducted and killed 28 young kids between 1970 and 1973. But it is shocking to see that in 2012, almost 40 years after these crimes a photo popped up of a handcuffed boy in the possession of one of corll’s accomplices. When police started investigating, it was found that the boy in the photo was not one of the 28 kids…

23. Bachelor grove’s figure

unexplained photos 23 (1)

The cemetery of Bachelor’s Grove is known as one of the most haunted places in the US with a record of over hundred pf reports on supernatural phenomena. In 1991 a few members of the Ghost Research Society was on location to investigate the cemetery when one of the members took a photo of the empty place, only to look at it later and find out that there’s a white ghost sitting on top of one of the tombstones. Weird AF!

24. Unexplained satellites

unexplained photos 24 (1)

In 1954, some newspapers started publishing news about an unexplained object that is orbiting earth, if you think it’s just another satellite, back then no one had the technology to lunch and develop a satellite so obviously, lots of theories began surfacing like it was a 13,000 years old spaceship of extraterrestrial origin.

25. Notice the extra thumb

unexplained photos 25 (1)

This is one of the most recent unexplained photos we could find. From a first look, everything looks normal here right? Just four teens having fun and taking a cool picture. However, if you look closer you can see that there’s an extra thumb on the left side of the teen on the far right. No one can explain how this extra thumb got on the photo.



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