23 Incredibly Cool And Helpful Tips For New Parents


As great as kids are, and we all know they can be little angels, but at times, they can school satan himself, changing smelly diapers, dealing with crazy tantrums and thinking you’re losing your mind. So you could use any tip you can get, below are 23 tips for parents to make your life a little bit easier:

1: Frozen marshmallows make the best ouchie pack

tips for parents 1


2: So simple and so smart. Do this parents

tips for parents 2

3: Who hasn’t lost at least one pair of cubes

hacks for parents 3

4: This is one awesome parenting tip

tips for parents 4

5: Just make sure your kids will wear these

tips for parents 5


6: This ” secret ” monster spray trick always keeps the monsters away

tips for parents 6

7: Cut a sticker in half to make sure your kids know their righty lefty

tips for parents 7

8: No more getting stuck in the toilet for the kids

tips for parents 8

9: So simple, keeps the kids safe

hacks for parents 9


10: I like to drink smoothies with sprinkles too

tips for parents 10

11: No one will try to steal a dirty diaper

tips for parents 11

12: This is genius! No more messy flores

tips for parents 12

13: Build a cool hammock in your house for the kids

tips for parents 13


14: Keep the bugs out of your drinks with this simple trick

tips for parents 14

15: Get this cool stroller and scooter hybrid to walk the kids in fun

cool parenting tips 2

cool parenting tips

16: Make a cardboard slide with an old box

awesome parenting tips 3

17: Inflate your kids bed fort with a fan

cool parenting tips 4 cool parenting tips 5 cool parenting tips 6

18: Tips for parents – Forget-me-not-mittens to never lose your kid again

cool parenting tips 7 cool parenting tips 8


19: This baby shower cap will keep his eyes dry while in the bath

awesome parenting tips 9

20: Easily tell your twins apart with this cool t-shirt

cool parenting tips 10

21: This animals make it fun to brush your teeth so the kids wont forget

cool parenting tips 11 cool parenting tips 12

22: I want this cool knight helmet for myself!

cool parenting tips 13 cool parenting tips 14

23: Astronaut duvet will get your kids into bed in time

cool parenting tips 15

Source: Imgur