22 Cult 80s Movies You Can Watch Every Week Until You Die


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If you were born in the 80’s the movie list below will be like pouring delicious hot chocolate down your throat and it feels so good taking you back to when you were just a child chilling in front of your 19 inch TV that actually filled the whole room.

I’m sure i’m not alone by thinking the best movies were made in the 80’s. all the cult classics that we just loved and can’t get enough of were made in that decade. If you think like me, than you will love this cult 80s movies list below:

1: Weird Science

cult 80s movies 1


2: Bill & Ted’s excellent adventure

cult 80s movies 2

3: License to Drive

classic 80s movies 3

4: Brewsters Millions

classic 80s movies 4

5: Revenge of the Nerds

classic 80s movies 5


6: Stand by me

classic 80s movies 6

7: Batteries not included

cool 80s movies 7

8: The boy who could fly

cool 80s movies 8

9: D.A.R.Y.L

cult 80s movies 9


10: Flight of the navigator

cult 80s movies 10

11: The last starfighter

cult 80s movies 11

12: Spaceballs ( personal favorite )

cult 80s movies 12

13: Malcolm

classic 80s movies 13


14: Teen Wolf

classic 80s movies 14

15: The Goonies

classic 80s movies 15

16: The Neverending Story ( Another personal favorite )

classic 80s movies 16

17: The Wizard

cult 80 movies 17

18: Stripes

cult 80 movies 18


19: Caddyshack

cult 80 movies 19

20: National Lampoon’s Vacation

cult 80 movies 20

21: Coming to America

cult 80s movies 21

22: Beverly Hills Cop

cult 80s movies 22

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