21 Repurposed Kitchen Items That Will Make Your Home Look Cooler

We live in the times of mass production of goods and mass consumption which tempo is a bit forced and leaves us with a bunch of items we don’t really need or use. This way of life may lead to turning our planet into a massive junkyard which is pretty depressive thought, you will agree, so every time I see on the Internet ideas how to reuse old stuff I get thrilled and can’t wait to try some of those on my own.

In the gallery below we have over twenty examples of that kind in terms of the kitchen. Check out how to reuse old items lying idle in your household and make some awesome details for your kitchen which will delight you every time you use them.

Not to mention how proud you’ll be getting unique kitchen item made by yourself… and you’ll even save some money, and most importantly, help the planet.

1. Chandelier made from old wine bottles.

repurposed kitchen items 1 (1)

2. Old vintage spoons can make excellent kitchen hooks.

repurposed kitchen items 3 (1)

3. Sooo creative…Wall lights from pasta strainers.

repurposed home items 4 (1)

4. You can use old ladles as candle holders.

repurposed home items 5 (1)

5. Same goes for this…

repurposed home items 6 (1)

6. Just adorable…Old teacup turned into a candle holder.

repurposed home items 7 (1)

7. Need some garden markers? Make them from old spoons.

repurposed home items 8 (1)

8. I must get this cuteness for my kitchen… Magnetic wine cork plant holders.

reuse kitchen items 9 (1)

9. For the right mood when you have dinner in the backyard.

reuse kitchen items 10 (1)

10. Elegant cake stand made from a plate and old crystal wine goblet.

reuse kitchen items 11 (1)

11. Old spoons as plant hangers.

reuse kitchen items 12 (1)

12. Cutlery chandelier… just marvelous. 

reuse kitchen items 13 (1)

13. Where are my earrings… hanging on a kitchen grater, of course!

save kitchen items 14 (1)

14. Vintage rolling pin towel rack.

save kitchen items 15 (1)

15. Teacups are so decorative…this time as plant holders.

save kitchen items 16 (1)

16. You know you need this…Kitchen tablet holder.

save kitchen items 17 (1)

17. Old Muffin Tin as an organizer.

save kitchen items 18 (1)

18. Kitchen grater as a pencil holder.

save kitchen items 19 (1)

19. Handkerchief at the right place…handy.

reuse kitchem items 23 (1)

20. Candle holder made from old kitchen funnel.

save kitchen items 21 (1)

21. Love this kitchen hanger!

repurposed kitchen items 22 (1)

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