20 Hacks For Moms Every New Mom Should Bookmark And Forget

Raising kids is hard, let’s face it. Moms everywhere are re-inventing the world every day as they make sure the future generation makes it ok growing up. These awesome hacks for moms is exactly what you need right now, even if you think you’re a super mom. Pretty sure you will see a few thing here you never knew about that will help you on the day to day.

At worse, these will just remind you off cool ways to make use of old items around the house and at best, they will save you a little bit of money, which every mom knows is very important when raising kids. Don’t forget to see these 21 parenting hacks to even more

1. If you were lucky enough to be left with candy at Halloween, use it to fill the Easter eggs

life hacks for moms 1 (1)

2. Simple hack to make a teen bed with just four pillows

life hacks for moms 2 (1)

3. Water table? Really? It’s just a box with water, you can do it yourself mom

life hacks for moms 3 (1)

4. Stop your kids from being naughty and rolling up full toilet paper rolls in one go.

life tricks for moms 4 (1)

5. Create beautiful theme cups with ease instead of spending too much on mech

life tricks for moms 5 (1)

6. I am a parent who does not share candy with his kids, yes I said it, this is how I hide it from them.

life tricks for moms 6 (1)

7. Boxes are awesome! Just look at this picture and have yourself hours of quiet time

life tricks for moms 7 (1)

8. This seems a little bit out there, but saving the wrapping paper from Christmas will actually save you lots.

life tricks for moms 8 (1)

9. When water bottles cost 69c per pack, this makes sense

life ideas for moms 9 (1)

10. When the store pays you to buy stuff – LOL

life ideas for moms 10 (1)

11. This is a great idea! Use a syringe to squirt a little baby food on waxed paper and freeze it. Now you have baby snacks on demand

life ideas for moms 11 (1)

12. Safety locks – Kids will never figure this out, also dad.

life ideas for moms 12 (1)

13. Improvise if you need to block the outlet, but don’t use the ones with drawings on them because they draw attention.

life ideas for moms 13 (1)

14. Great hack to make your sink kid friendly.

life ideas for moms 14 (1)

15. Kids love draining the soap bottle, because bubbles are fun. Too much fun. This way they will get just a little bit every time

life ideas for moms 15 (1)

16. Moms everywhere is what keeps the dollars stores alive, for a good reason too.

life hacks for moms 16 (1)

17. Awesome hack for moms. place your kid’s playDoh on your spice rack

life hacks for moms 17 (1)

18. Never buying Swiffer sheets again!

life hacks for moms 18 (1)

19. Make your kids a sandbox with an old planter

life hacks for moms 19 (1)

20. Important hacks for moms that need to keep track on the kids medicine

hacks for moms 28 (1)


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