1910 Ads That Are so Vintage and Weird They Actually Fit Today’s Market

1910 was a long time ago if you ask most people. And most people will say that things were a lot different too. But surprisingly, 1910 ads from way back then are not so different from what you see today. Sure, the technology and graphics has changed a lot, but we pretty much sell the same things. Cars, cure for baldness and weight loss. Sounds familiar? Well it should.

Back in 1910 before we had photoshop and computers, copywriters were kings. If you can come up with the perfect ad copy and slap that on a flyer, you sold a bunch of stuff. Maybe a black and white image here and there but it was clear that the ad copy was the most important thing.

One of the main difference we notice from 1910 ads and today ad market is that back than ads were very precise about what they are selling. The copy clearly stated what you’re going to buy, and the buyer would knew exactly if he needed and wanted the product or not.

Today, it’s mostly click ads and many advertisers and publishers rely on clicks to their ads so they try and make ads very click worthy, which means that sometimes the banner ads are very vague and unclear, they want the buyer to first click on the ad before they let him know all the details. Different times, different tactics.

Below is a gallery of some of the best 1910 ads we could fine, try and see if they look familiar

1. Browse below for more 1910 ads – The Baker. Not sure why this is called like that when it’s clearly a casket service

1910 ads (1)

2. Budweiser – Never knew it dated so far back

1910 ads 2 (1)

3. Before computers and smartphones people wrote on typewriters. Shocking right?!

1910 ads 3 (1)

4. Fire extinguisher from 1910

1910 ads

5. Back than people used to keep everything in a safe

1910 ads 5 (1)

6. Straight to the point. I like it

1910 ads 6 (1)

7. Become a car engineer. Wanted ad from the past

1910 ads

8. 1910 car ad

1910 ads 8 (1)

9. Let me send you my FREE book. This is exactly like today

1910 ads

10. Eye drops to get rid of red eyes

1910 ads 10 (1)

11. Weight gain ad? You don’t see much of these in today’s market

1910 ads 11 (1)

12. Weight loss ad from 1910. Looks familiar?

1910 ads

13. Not sure exactly what this is, but it looks very uncomfortable

1910 ads 13 (1)

14. Electric hair brushes and corsets

1910 ads 14 (1)

15. Fat is fatal to health, comfort, happiness and often fatal to life ( So dramatic )

1910 ads 15 (1)

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