19 Turning 30 Quotes That People Shared on Social Media

Existential crises are part of life and most people experience one when they hit thirty. As you know, or as you will learn, things do change at that age… your body changes, your habits and fields of interests change, circumstances you find yourself in etc. Some people think that your 30’s is a great age and some even say life only begins when you turn thirty. On the other hand, some have difficulties to cope with all the changes and find it frustrating.

In the gallery below is a collection of quotes people shared on social networks about how they feel in their thirties. Check them all out, some of them are hilarious and will certainly make you laugh or maybe recognize something from your own experience. Please, join the fun and share with us your experiences, or expectations maybe, about you hitting that unavoidable numbers 3 and 0.

1. Friday night will never be the same when you hit 30

turning 30 quotes 1 (1)

2. This is so true!

turning 30 quotes 2 (1)

3. Rage Against the Thirties

turning 30 quotes 3 (1)

4. Catwalk vs Walking Cats

turning thirty quotes 4 (1)

5. Doesn’t have to be this way, guys!

turning thirty quotes 5 (1)

6. Hangovers get heavier.

turning thirty quotes 6 (1)

7. You’ll notice the change when this starts happening.

turning thirty quotes 7 (1)

8. Oh, poor Zack, feeling so old.

turning thirty quotes 8 (1)

9. Nop, you’re not going to be rich, sorry.

age 30 quotes 9 (1)

10. This guy is frustrated, big time!

age 30 quotes 10 (1)

11. The focus may get more narrow than it used to be.

age 30 quotes 11 (1)

12. Do you have a recycle bin?

age 30 quotes 12 (1)

13. Sex in your 30’s is gonna be like…

age 30 quotes 13 (1)

14. Let me tell you a story, son… a bad, boring story.

age 30 quotes 14 (1)

15. String cheese gets up on your priorities scale.

age 30 quotes 15 (1)

16. Listen to your body… it’s old and it wants pizza.

age 30 quotes 16 (1)

17. STay classy you magnificent bastard

turning 30 quotes 17 (1)

18. Vintage. Not old.

turning 30 quotes 18 (1)

19. SHIT – So Happy I’m Thirty

turning 30 quotes 19 (1)

These guys mostly have a difficult time coping with the thirties, huh? And what about you?!



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