19 Beard Facts That Will Totally Change How You Feel About Facial Hair


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1: Facial hair grows faster when a man has not had sex for a while

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2: Bearded men are perceived to be:

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3: Scientists believe men developed beards because :

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4: In ancient egypt metal beards were a sign of godliness and status

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5: Beards can help filter out dust and pollen if you have allergies

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6: Cultivating facial hair is called: Pogonotrophy

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7: Men are most likely to have beards when it’s easier to find a spouse

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8: Beards were extremely popular between 2008 and 2013

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9: It’s a myth that beards grow faster if you shave

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10: The longest beard ever measured was 17.4 feet long

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11: 33% of men in the US have facial hair

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12: In the middle ages you better not touch another man’s beard

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13: Facial hair grows more in the summer

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14: Alexander the great forbade soldiers from having beards

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15: 98% of the forbes 100 list of the world’s richest men are clean-shaven

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16: The average man spends 3,350 hours shaving in his lifetime

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17: A little girl suggested to Lincoln to grow a beard, and he did

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18: Women find a man with a full beard 2/3 as attractive as when he is clean shaven

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19: Bearded men look more: respected,powerful and of higher status

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