29 Funny Haircuts You Need To Try Before You Die


Here we are again with another awesome list of fails, this time we have for your a list of funny haircuts that you should definitely not try. Most of the haircuts on this list come from the 80’s, those were the years before the internet took over you could try weird things and be yourself while looking ridiculous, wearing a funny haircuts back then meant you were cool, looking at it now, it’s funny.


Funny haircuts #1: The tomato  – do not go to the zoo after getting this done  – you’ve been warned

weird haircuts  


2: The cap – for those hot summer days when you forget your hat at home

weird haircuts

3: The bear! – the wife probably wears the same shirt under that white thing..

weird haircuts

4: The pooping man – a classic idiot hair style of a man pooping

weird haircuts

5: The Pineapple – this is truly art, we can’t say anything bad about it

weird haircuts


6: The puppy – we honestly don’t know what’s funnier, the kid’s face or his hair. Let’s say his hair

weird haircuts

7: legalize it!

weird haircuts

8: W-H-A-T       T-H-E        H-E-L-L

weird haircuts

9: Awesome!

weird haircuts


10: The criminal haircut – Ridiculous style no one should try

weird haircuts

11: The Ronaldo – his weird haircut got so famous it won his own name

weird haircuts

12: The Yin & Yang funny haircut style

weird haircuts

13: I don’t usually make fun of young children , but when i do – Mullet !

weird haircuts


14: Cool and funny haircut of the Gecko logo

funny haircuts 14 (1)

15: Awesome bear hair

funny hairstyles 15 (1)

16: Hands wrapping head haircut

funny hairstyles 16 (1)

17: Funny Dali haircut, looks amazing!

funny hairstyles 17 (1)

18: How about a Robin Williams haircut

funny hairstyles 18 (1)


19: Tennis ball haircut

funny hairstyles 19 (1)

20: Hardcore fan – Tim Duncan hairstyle

funny haircuts 20 (1)

21: Weird sideways hair style

funny hairstyles 21 (1)

22: A mullet, a side shave and no eyebrows, what?

funny hairstyles 22 (1)

23: The all seeing eye cut

funny hairstyles 23 (1)

24: This is unique, not so much funny as awesome!

funny hairstyles 24 (1)

25: Funny Christmas tree haircut

funny hairstyles 25 (1)

26: A rat hair cut, hilarious

funny hairstyles 26 (1)

27: Flying helicopter style

funny haircuts 27 (1)

28: Just give up man, shave your head

funny haircuts 28 (1)

29: He thinks this is cool, it is not

funny haircuts 29 (1)

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