11 Smart Celebrities You Never Knew Are Actually Smarter Then You


A lot of people think being an actor or a model is easy, you see these people on screen and think they made it just by being good looking. Well you might be surprised to hear that there are a lot of smart celebrities out there who would be just fine even without their fame. Check this list of smart celebrities below:

1. Cindy Crawford

Cindy is been known as a sex symbol of the 90s, but obviously, she didn’t spend all her time in front of the camera objectives. She got a scholarship after high school to Northwestern where she majored in the field of chemical engineering.



2. Dolph Lundgren

Ok, at the first look a tough guy with a big gun, but what a very few know the Dolphster actually has an IQ of 160. He also used his intelligent wisely; he speaks five languages and holds a masters in chemical engineering  ( we don’t know if he was a classmate with Cindy).

smart celebrities 2

3. Rasslin’ Hall

He was on his way to becoming a lawyer at the University of Delaware when his career took a dramatic turn.

smart celebrities 3

4. Lisa Kudrow

The goofiest friend of The Friends, fabulous Lisa Kudrow, in fact, holds a BS from Vassar, and she worked in medical research for eight years before she became Fiby in the legendary sitcom.

smart celebrities 4

5. Dexter Holland

”Pretty Fly for a White Guy?” and pretty smart in general. Dexter was working on his Ph.D. when he decided to take a chance and realize his dream in Pop Punk. The lead singer of The Offspring has a masters in molecular biology from USC.

smart celebrities 5


6. Asia Carrera

Who would expect from a porn star to have such a remarkable childhood: she was a piano prodigy who played Carnegie Hall twice before the age of 13, she was also a state spelling champion, National Honor Society and National Mathematics League member. Nobody knows what happened at Rutgers which she dropped out even though she had a scholarship.

smart celebrities 6

7. Ron Jeremy

Ron “The Hedgehog” Jeremy has a masters a masters degree in special education and was a teacher in New York before he became… what you can see on the photo.

smart celebrities 7

Smart celebrities nunmber #8 Tyra Banks

Beautiful Tyra is Harvard scholar! Ok, this might sound a bit more pompous than it actually is; she has finished earlier this year a two-week course that took her a year to complete.

smart celebrities 8

9. Shakira

Shakira’s IQ is 140! Butt shaking has nothing to do with it, but studying ancient civilizations and speaking five languages probably have.

smart celebrities 9


10. Victoria Zdrok

This former Playboy Playmate has a law degree AND a Ph.D. in psychology.

smart celebrities 10

11. Natalie Portman

According to acting performances, you may anticipate high intelligence in this case. She graduated high school with a 4.0 GPA and has a Psychology degree from Harvard.

smart celebrities 11

Source: Imgur