Here’s What 100 Years of Beauty Men Trends Looks Like

Watchcut video published this video about 100 years of beauty men – and it is glorious. Why you ask? Well, because the media is almost always so focused on female models and female fashion and trends, it’s nice to see that men also get some attention. And I think it’s really cool they decided to focus on hair trends and style because men so often just being hired for their bodies.

Yes, it’s a weird thing to say I agree, but think about it, there are far fewer men who model for their face, honestly, most likely male models are hired for their rocking bodies and hard abs, which is fine, don’t get me wrong, but it’s nice to see a video showing their face, and yes, hair. Men have great hair. I know, I used to have great long hair.

It’s important to note that most of the research behind these looks came from grooming advertisements and commercials, so the accuracy level of it should be taken with a grain of salt, but from just looking at it as a fun video showing 100 years of beauty men, it’s right on the money.

Let’s start with 1910 – Men had slick hair with a manly bush moustache

100 Years Of Men’s beauty 1

1920 – Looks like men realised moustaches are stupid (5)

1930 – NOPE, the stache is back, but this time it is well groomed

100 Years Of Men’s beauty 2

1940 – The nice guy look of the sea men ruled

100 Years Of Men’s beauty 3

1950 – Men thought that wearing hair moose would make them look badass

100 Years Of Men’s beauty 4

1960 – No one remembers, so let’s say this look was popular (6)

1970 – Full beards – Right on!

100 Years Of Men’s beauty 5

1980 – Screw that, let’s shave everything!

100 Years Of Men’s beauty 6

1990 – NOPE, back to long hair and not shaving

100 Years Of Men’s beauty 7

2000 – Long hair? yeah, right! look at my pointy hair and clean face

100 Years Of Men’s beauty 8

2010 – Man bun, perfect

100 Years Of Men’s beauty 9

Here is the video if you don’t want to see it in pictures one by one:

Source: Buzzfeed


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