Modern Dog House Looks Better Than My House Designed By RAH:DESIGN

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All dogs houses look similar to one another, more or less. The differences are usually just in a size, you can not put a st. Bernard in a Pekinese house. So, the reasons for variety are purely practical. But what about aesthetics? Can it live in a design of a dog’s home and put as much effort as humans? It seems like it can. Introducing the Modern Dog House.

RAH:DESIGN has created a modern dog house that you can see on the photos in the gallery below and named it MDK9 Dog Haus. It was created after unsuccessful attempts to find a dog house that would be perfect for their dog and home. The MDK9 Dog House has it all, as any modern designed house, it looks great and it is practical at the same time. Materials that have been used are Brazilian Teak, powder-coated steel, and concrete – so, very contemporary. And to make it the best it can get, RAH:DESIGN has joined efforts with ModernHouseNumbers for the great plaque, and with Jax & Bones whose credit is a possibility to customize a dog bed inside the house.

According to the photos in the gallery, this partnership did a really good job. Do you agree? Don’t forget to pass this article to your friends who have a dog as a pet.

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