Russian Artist Creates Fantasy Animals With Velvet Clay

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Evgeny Hontor is a master at bringing your dreams to reality. He uses velvet clay to bring to life mythical creatures like dragons and some not so mythical creatures like whales and foxes. Basically he creates amazing fantasy animals we think are crazy cool.

His sculptures are incredibly intricate and detailed. Evgeny has 34,000 followers on Etsy, thanks to his undeniable talent.

When asked what made him decide to sculpt these fantasy animals he said “It is beautiful. It is the creation of the worlds. You can get carried away and explore new opportunities. It is a philosophy of life – to create. For me it is.”

Take a look at these photos of some of Evgeny’s mystical creations. Let us know what you think in the comments section.

This fantasy animal looks like the dragon from How To Raise a Dragon movie, only in cool blue colors

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The red fox, beautifully one, looks like the Firefox browser logo, but it’s an amazing job

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Stunning Haku Dragon in shades of blue and gree. How’s that for fantasy animals for you

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Notice the moon on the side of the animal, it’s these details that make his work so magical

fantasy animals 3 (1)

Winged cat figurine sculpture

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The artist has been drawing since childhood and sculpturing from 2006

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He decided to create sculptures in the Fantasy niche because he likes the endless imagination possibilities that this niche gives

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Fantasia is a creator of worlds, you can create what ever you want and how you want it, it is limitless

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He acquired over six years of experience in working with clay and it really shows on his work

fantasy animal sculptures 9 (1)

This orange monkey approves

fantasy animal sculptures 10 (1)

Creepy fox stretching his legs after a long run in the night

fantasy animal sculptures 11 (1)

Beautiful shades of blue and black on this bird of prey

fantasy animal sculptures 12 (1)

Visit his shop to see more and buy your favorite fantasy animals sculpture

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Source: Etsy

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