Is Writing One Of The Best Jobs To Have? Let’s Find Out

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Today, more and more people are working from home. There are many benefits of a home office, your commute is a few steps from your bed to your work desk, you can even work from your bed if you want to but it is not recommendable.

You can choose to work in the garden of your favorite coffee shop on a sunny day! You are not bound to a traditional office for a large portion of your day and your overall expenses are lower. You don’t need to pay for gas or transportation and everything you eat is mostly home cooked from fresh groceries.

There is plenty of freelance work out there and plenty of categories to choose from. There are plenty of opportunities for IT professionals, graphic designers, writers, but basically, almost all traditional jobs can be done remotely today. Here, we will explore some of the benefits of writing when compared to other online jobs available!

Plenty of opportunities for work

there are great specialized websites such as where you try yourself as an essay writer, help students to get their paperwork done and get paid for it. Sounds pretty easy right? They mostly focus on business and academic topics so you can build up your reputation within these niches.

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All Research is at the tip of your fingerprints:

When writing your main tool for the job is your laptop or PC. While building up a an awesome reputation as a solid and reliable partner for your clients and their writing requirements you will get writing jobs on all sorts of topics. You probably won`t be an expert for all of these topics or even most, but luckily for, you the literal sum of human knowledge is at your disposal.

You just need to invest a bit of time and energy and you will find sufficient information on any topic your client needs. In time, you might even find something you find very interesting and of personal interest, you can become an expert on the subject and even start your own blog for example!

Good career choice if you are a beginner:

Like we already said in the introduction, there are plenty of opportunities now for freelancers of all sorts of expertise. Most of these occupations require prior experience or education even for entry level openings. For writing, you just need to have a natural way with words and you can go for it!

There are plenty of employers that are willing to gamble a bit and give a chance to a novice for a smaller fee of course. For example, if you are in digital marketing potential clients will ask for references and links to the pages you are handling and so on.

It makes it very hard to get your foot through the door. If you are looking to get into freelance writing, you can offer a test article at a lower rate or even a free article, or you can provide a sample to your potential clients for them to see your writing style. You don’t need to be published anywhere or featured in the beginning, that will come naturally later!

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No expensive tools or licenses required:

To start your freelance career as a writer you just need an ok laptop some good mood and enthusiasm and some coffee! If you are pursuing some other line of work like a graphic designer for example, if we discard the educational fees that are substantial, you need to also buy very expensive software and cameras if you photograph your stuff as well.

When writing, there are plenty of free online application that will get your writing game stronger when chasing that first freelance writing job! Free software tools are available for everything from word counter and readability to idea suggestion and cliché busters!

If you are just starting out as a freelancer I congratulate you on taking that leap but you are not alone! It is estimated that 54 million people or 34% of the total workforce in the United States alone now primarily earn money through freelancing.

Always remember to address everyone in a kind and professional tone and closely follow instructions from your clients. Always deliver work on time or inform in a timely manner if you are unable to finish in the set time frame for some reason.

Once you get going there will be more and more jobs and opportunities coming your way. As with everything, the beginning is the hardest but after you get your bearings and establish some returning clients you will be flying! Just remember to always treat your old clients as if they were new, your quality of service should never go down!