World’s First Coffee Cup That Will Actually Help The Environment

There’s a company that wants to change the coffee cup as we know it , and it’s a great thing considering that to-go cups contribute significant amounts of waste to landfills

Coffee Cup That Will Actually Help The Environment

A California-based company has a solution to reduce coffee related trash: cups that can be planted. Seeds embedded in fibers that make up the cup’s walls will spring to life when the cup is soaked in water and buried in the ground.I know what you’re thinking, most customers will just throw these cups away and won’t go to the trouble of planting them. that’s fine too because the biodegradable cups turn into compost, and they will break down into natural material within 180 days. pretty awesome right?

Coffee Cup That Will Actually Help The Environment 2

Coffee shops that will choose to adopt the cups will be given special wastebaskets to collects the used cups and community partners can pick them up and use the biodegradable material to replant areas that been destroyed.The cups can also add value to a business beside the obvious benefits to the environment. Offering these green cups will boost shop’s reputation and even bring in more customers.To learn more about this new exciting company check out their Kickstarter fundraising page or just read bellow to see how it works: 

Coffee Cup That Will Actually Help The Environment 3

green coffee cup

green coffee cup

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