This Is The Most Important Vending Machine On This Planet

Pugedon created a weird but awesome vending machine that dispenses food for stray dogs in return of deposited bottles , this all happens in  Istanbul Turkey where it is estimated that over 150,000 stray dogs lives . in fact the company has managed to find a way to both help with recycling and feeding the dogs in one machine. which is pretty awesome . The machine works because the money from the recycled bottles is used to buy the dog food so it actually pays for itself . The locals say that the dogs are so adjusted to the city life that they stop at traffic lights and walkways . this is for sure a creative way to benefit both the people of Istanbul and the dogs.

Like we said , over 150,000 stray dogs. think about it 

dog vending machine

The opportunity to give people a chance to feed the dogs seem to work 

dog vending machine

When they recycle , a dog gets some food, if that isn’t enough of incentive i don’t know what is

dog vending machine

Its not only for food, you can fill the water bowl with your unused water too

dog vending machine

The kids love it

dog vending machine

And the dogs do to 

dog vending machine

Here is a video to show you how it works

Read more about this project here and here

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Source: Boredpanda


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