Unicorn Horns Are The Next Magical Hair Trend Every Girl Must Try


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Women love to follow hair trends and they get so excited to have a taste of the latest hairstyle that they saw on the internet. With so many braid trends that have come up last year, you wouldn’t think that they will be surpassed with this newest whimsical Unicorn horn braid trend that is  literally strange yet magical. Well, girls are seriously taking this braid trend to another level! Unicorn braid hair used to be defined as dyeing your hair into cotton candy multi-colored hues that will give make you look like a Little Pony.

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But today, girls are literally wearing their unicorn hair at the top of their head.

The horn is made by using a wrapped hair around a ponytail base. Your ponytailed hair should be placed at the top of your head but only pulled halfway to create a loop of hair. Then you will wrap your hair in the loop in a unicorn horn shape with the result seen above. Here is the instructional video made by You Tuber Angel Venus creating her own version of Unicorn horn hairstyle back in 2012. Below are the other examples of this peculiar Unicorn horn hair braid that you can follow.

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