Toy Story Vans Exist And The World Just Got Way More Cooler

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Vans and Pixar have partnered together to create the Disney Pixar Toy Story Vans. What took them so long? Toy Story has always been one of the best Pixar movies and my personal favorite. I don’t get why they’re deciding to cash in on it now.

In any case, these Vans look awesome. I wish these were on the market when I was in school. I’d be the coolest kid with the coolest back to school shoes. They don’t just have shoes, either. This new line has T-shirts, hats, hoodies and even backpacks. If you have kids, check out this new line of Toy Story Vans products and consider buying something for your kids. They’ll be the coolest kid in class with any of this gear.

Take a look at the pictures and tell us what you think in the comments section. I think the ones modeled after Buzz’s moon boots are my favorite.

Here is the line of shoes from the Toy Story Vans collection, looks amazing right?!

toy story vans (1)


Let’s talk about this cool idea writing ANDY under some of the shoes, just like in the movie

toy story vans 2 (1)

Here’s a closer look at the scribble of ANDY, it’s a nice touch that make the shoes even more special

toy story vans 3 (1)

For some reason, the Buzz lightyear shoes have the ANDY text on the sole too

toy story vans 4 (1)

The Toy Story Vans collection doesn’t only have shoes though, you can find backpacks and more

toy story vans 5 (1)


Caps, T-shirts, or even long sleeve shirts with catch phrases from the movie are included in the collection

toy story vans 6 (1)

Little Bo Peeps shoes, i think i’m obsessed with these shoes

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I can’t contain my happiness when i’m looking at these shoes

toy story vans 8 (1)

How about a Sid Phillips slip on shoes? YES, even he got a design

toy story vans 9 (1)


Because Toy Story is a children’s movie ( on paper ) it only makes sense that the shoes come in kids sizes. NOT FAIR!

toy story vans 10 (1)

Hey, every Toy Story fan should see these shoes, don’t just keep this to yourself, share with the world

Source: mashable