These Bike Balls Are Exactly What Your Bicycle Is Missing


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“In a world filled with disgruntled drivers who hate sharing the road, you need some pretty serious balls to ride a bicycle these days. The morning commute is crying out for a little humor to diffuse the tension, and as a cyclist you need to be noticed! It’s in this spirit that Bike Balls were created,” stands in a description section of this bit bizarre but still funny product.

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So, how does it work: simple – you mount to the bottom of your seat these bike lights that look like a pair of bobbing, glowing testicles and then show off while you ride your bike. You may think good before starting this ride and consider possible reactions of other participants in the traffic – from “Dude, this is hilarious!” to “How dare you showing that to me!”. Maybe if you are in good shape you can be more careless but yet prepared to get a sack when someone tries to hit you with his car; which is kinda ironic because their primary function is your safety as their designers claim.

“We’re encouraging cyclists to feel more confident, people will notice you and your glowing Bike Balls, and you will be safer because they see you!” says from Bike Balls.

What do you think? Will a pair of bobbing balls diffuse road tension or counter?

More info:

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“it takes grit, wit, and balls to ride, so show em’ what you got”

bike balls 6

A gentle squizz for turning the light on…

bike balls 7

…and there you go!

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