The Vidya Project – Empowering The Next Generation Of Global Change-makers

If you’ve been a reader of our site for some time now, it won’t surprise you that we like to cover the positive side of life, we strive to show the best, the funniest and the awesome side of the world through articles that simply make your day a little bit better. But every now and than, we find something that is truly remarkable and worth spreading.

The Vidya Project is one of these things. Founded not too long ago in late 2017, the project’s mission is to use technology to help young students in rural parts of the world by engaging with them in a digital mentorship program and open dialogue about the social issues we face in the world. The program encourages English immersion and hopes to promote the development of global and digital citizans.

״ The Vidya Project, is a non-profit that empowers the next generation of global changemakers via an international digital mentorship program and customized social impact curricula that our team is scaling to communities around the globe.

Our students envision a better world — one with access to education, equality, environmental sustainability and so much more. Through an interactive social impact program, The Vidya Project enables young people to think critically and empathically about their school, community, and the world at large. ״ 

I had a chance to talk with the founder Ashika Kalra and learn more about the non profit and what it hopes to achieve. During our talk, it was evident that Ashika is very passionate about her work, and truly believes that the project can change the lives of young kids growing up in less fortunate parts of the world.

” Our New York-based team launched programs across two continents completely remotely through technology. We encourage a global exchange of ideas by hosting virtual teaching workshops, in-class action-oriented learning, speaker sessions, and mentoring sessions engaging individuals who are thousands of miles apart.

Earlier last month, we live-streamed a guest speaker in New York from the United Nations to an all-girls cohort in Sierra Leone. Our active programs currently include: Changemakers Academy (curriculum & teacher training) and Vidya Digital (international mentoring).” 

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In the first year of it’s operation, the project established partnerships in India and Sierra leone and was able to run 75+ digital mentoring sessions with the kids. They also managed to train over a dozens local volunteers and develop a curricula that could be scaled to hundreds of students.

If you want to learn more about the organization and it’s important mission, please visit The Vidya Project website. You can also take part by becoming a global mentor for kids around the world, or simply by donating to help spread the program world wide. 


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