The Reason For This Man Driving A Pink Motorcycle Is So Sweet


Pink is a message of hope in one community where a man built a custom bike in honor of his late wife.

custom pink motorcycle to honor wife 1


Jody Jendon lost his wife, Stacy Jendon, to breast cancer in 2011. He mentioned the idea of building a bike in her honor before she passed away. Although Stacy didn’t get to see the finished product, hundreds have benefited from viewing the bike as Jody drives around town.

custom pink motorcycle to honor wife 2

Dozens comment on the time and energy put into creating such tribute. Stacy and Jendon’s sons take special pleasure in telling onlookers that the picture on the back of the pink motorcycle is their mother. “People can forget someone they lost over the years,” says Jody. “This way, she’s always with us.”

custom pink motorcycle to honor wife 3

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