The Clock Spider Is The Most Terrifying Urban Legend I Ever Heard

The Clock Spider is a widely known huntsman spider that was presumably found by someone while visiting a relative’s house, when he suddenly noticed the legs of a huge spider poking out from one side under the wall clock. He managed to take three photos before running from the house scared shitless. The first pic is of the clock on the wall where you can see the spider’s legs poking out.

The second picture shows the spider on the wall after the clock was removed. It’s unclear how they removed the clock or just knocked it down with something or the spider just moved away from behind it. The third and most terrifying photo is a close up of the giant spider where you can actually see its fur.

According to some legend who may or maynot be confirmed, the spider used to have nine legs, but he lost one while fighting with the limecat and won! Becoming a legend from that moment and dubbed as ” God “. You fools think the clock spider will have mercy on your souls? Think again. The spider will judge everyone who doesn’t worship him like the limecat who battle him but soon became his meal. The clock spider will see all of us on judgement day. Or something like that.

There are has been another rumor that the spider will send all of his worshipers huge pieces of cheese on judgement day, but until that day comes, it’s more likely that it will eat all the cheese along the way so this doesn’t check out right? Check out the creepy pictures of the spider clock below.

Here is the first picture showing the legs of the spider poking behind the wall clock

clock spider

This is the second picture of the clock spider after they removed the clock from the wall

clock spider 2

And the last one and creepiest of them all, look at its size! You can see his fur OMG!!

clock spider 3

Not sure why i even wrote about this issue, it’s too creepy to look at, but if you’re into this kind of stuff, show your love with a share.

Here’s a video of a similar spider creeping on a clock.

granted it’s not the same one, but it’s scary enough to be included:

The legend of this spider hidden behind a clock quickly spread around the internet like wildfire, and as you can see from the Google Trend graph below, people really love to see photos and search about it:


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