24 Pokemon Shoes That Every Fan Should Wear At Least Once

Pokemon is one of the most popular brands in the world, it has been like this for years, it has a devoted fan base that consumes the show and many other accessories as to show they love the characters like Pikachu and Ash specifically. These Pokemon shoes we feature below is exactly what Pokemon fans worldwide will love, so if you’re one of them, and we assume you are because you browsed to this article, please enjoy and if you picked something from the list please share with our readers. You can also get a lot more cool stuff on Amazon.

1. The first Pokemon shoes are these beauty of Mudkip

pokemon shoes (1)

Created by Kayleigh

2. slowpoke and snorlax pokemon shoes

pokemon shoes 2 (1)

Created by etsy

3. These cool Pikachu black painted shoes

pokemon sneakers 3 (1)

Created by Rachelle

4. These pokeball shoes look like too amatuer, but still cool

pokemon sneakers 4 (1)

Created by unknown

5. Another cool black Vans turned into Pikachu shoes

pokemon sneakers 5 (1)

Created by Megan

6. This cool Bulbasaur shoes – nice work

pokemon sneakers 6 (1)

Created by matisser

8. All white with Ash on the front side

pokemon sneakers 7 (1)

9. Do you love these black and white pokemon sneakers?

pokemon sneakers 8 (1)

Created by Taikxo

10. Very detailed Squirtle Evol shoes

pokemon sneakers 9 (1)

Created by xxdyrexx

11. These are the best shoes we have seen with pokemon drawings.

pokemon sneakers 10 (1)

Created by miss-melis

12. I love the fact that the laces are in different colors.

pokemon sneakers 11 (1)

13. These are amazing! All over cover

pokemon sneakers 12 (1)

Created by TheFloor

14. Very nice pattern on these shoes

pokemon custom shoes 13 (1)

Created by pipulp

15. Simple sneakers with a cool pokemon drawing

pokemon custom shoes 14 (1)

16. Incorporating all the shoe size for the work. NICE!

pokemon custom shoes 15 (1)

Created by Etsy

17. Dark style, love it. For those who want less color

pokemon custom shoes 16 (1)

Created by miss-melis

18. The double tongue converse shoes you need in your life

pokemon custom shoes 18 (1)

Created by tribute

19. Breathing fire shoes, can you handle their heat?

pokemon custom shoes 19 (1)

20. Simple converse shoes with the powerball logo and Pikachu on the front

pokemon custom shoes 20 (1)

21. Pretty much everyone who is on Pokemon on these shoes

pokemon custom shoes 21 (1)

Created by JimmyJamJems

22. Very nice black and green shoes here

pokemon custom shoes 22 (1)

23. OK this is a little bit creepy with the blood stains, but still look cool.

pokemon custom shoes 23 (1)

24. Full gold Pikachu shoes, awesome!

pokemon shoes 24 (1)

Created by aishavoya

Fans of the show will want to see these Pokemon shoes, so please let’s share them with our friends.


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