Woman Quits Her Job To Knit Woolly Sweaters For Abandoned Greyhounds


People who are compassionate for dogs are incredibly amazing. They are the ones who always go the extra mile and sometimes give up their jobs or their profession just to help dogs, especially to those that are abandoned and detained in rescue shelters.

Jan Brown is one of the many who decided to quit her job to knit woolly sweaters for abandoned greyhounds. This 52-year old mom from Seaburn, UK has been knitting lovely and beautiful sweaters for whippets and greyhounds for more than 7 years. She has knitted over 300 sweaters for greyhounds. She even made an adorable Christmas versions of sweaters just in time for the holiday season.

Those abandoned greyhounds in Greyhound Rescue Northeast Shelter in Tyne and Wear were the first recipients of Brown’s knitted wolly sweaters. According to her, she spent more than 4,000 hours knitting these sweaters but it’s all worth it when she sees these dogs wearing her creations. Greyhounds are more vulnerable to a cold weather because of their very thin fur, and her brilliant idea brought such a great comfort and help to these dogs.

She started a business named Knitted  with love where profits from it help sponsor rescue shelters across the UK.

More info: knittedwithlove.co.uk

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