These Super Nintendo Sneakers Are The Coolest Thing Ever

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These Super Nintendo Jordans will take you right back to your retro childhood. It’s like someone took an actual Super Nintendo and rebuilt it into a shoe. It’s incredible. We have custom sneaker specialists, Freaker Sneaks to thank for these sweet new kicks.

They combined the Air Jordan 4 with the Super Nintendo to create these shoes. Each pair comes complete with buttons and a D-pad, on the back. And the D-pad and buttons are actually real. Taken directly from a Super Nintendo controller. There’s no sign when they’ll actually be available, but I don’t doubt they’ll cost a pretty penny. But when you’re a true lover of retro gaming consoles, what’s a couple hundred bucks? Right?

I can’t wait to see how these Super Nintendo Sneakers take off. And I definitely can’t wait to find out how much they are so I can get my hands on a pair.

Take a look at these sweet kicks and let us know what you think in the comments section.

Taking two giants and merging them together to create these stunning Super Nintendo Sneakers

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On the back side of the shoes you can see actual real buttons from an actual Super Nintendo remote control

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How cool is that?! I wonder if i can connect the show to the game console and use it like a remote? Not really, but it would be interesting to try right?

Super Nintendo Sneakers good 3 (1)

Here’s the Super Nintendo and it’s easy to see the design similarities. Thank god for design so people can create such cool things

Super Nintendo Sneakers 4 (1)

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Source: kotaku

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