Stunning Photos Show Thousands Of People Competing To Build The Tallest Human Tower In Spain

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The tallest human tower. More like the tallest human pyramid of death! Why do people do crazy things like this? I know, I know, because it’s awesome.

I would never do this in a million years. But to those that do, I envy your courage. The Concurs de Castells is a biennial event held in Tarragona, north-east Spain. These human towers, called castells, consist of teams of up to 500 people. They’re up to 10 tiers high.

The tradition dates back to the 18th century. So people have been doing crazy, ballzy, stupid stuff for at least 300 years. But let’s not focus on the ridiculousness. Photos have been taken of these human towers and they’re pretty stunning. Every culture has some kind of dumb pass time that is often dangerous. But at least this one is beautiful, from an aerial view, anyway. Take a look at some of the photos of these courageous fools. Let us know what you think of these daring individuals in the comments section.

More than 500 people in each team try and form the tallest human tower

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The human towers which are also known as castells, and reach up to 10 tiers

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This tradition dates back to the 18th century in Catalonia where dance groups formed the towers

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These stunning photos show thousands of people competing to create the tallest human tower in Spain

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Aerial photos show the thousands of people grouping together

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The team compete for five rounds and get scores for the height and complexity of the castles

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The competition is not without danger, when the towers tumble people can get serious injuries

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Over 20,000 people come from all over the world to watch this stunning event

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The strongest team members lock their arms at the bottom of the pile to support the tower

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Many teams compete to form the tallest human towers wearing different colors of shirts

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There’s even a team from China coming to Spain to compete

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Teammates have to climb over their other teammates to climb the tower

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Each team tries different arm locks to stable the tower better

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Here are the base of the tower locking their hands

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