When I Heard This Story I Was Like – What The Hell


A random guy tried to pick up a girl in walmart and really bugged this girl about hooking up , so to get rid of him the girl gave him a fake number just so he would leave her alone . about a week later he actually called her phone and she has no idea how the hell he got her number 


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So the natural reaction to his call will be to tell her male friend who was just with her to talk to him and pretend he was her and she is actually a cross dresser 

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This is going to be so much fun 🙂

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Surprisingly enough , the guy liked it , and wants to go on a date with “me ” , the male friend said it feels awkward but agrees to stick with it for the prank

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MRW i just found out that my friend has come out of the closet and continued seeing the phone guy and they are getting married

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P.S – were totally happy for them , but what the hell?!@

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