Wouldn’t It Be Great To Change Your Sneaker Design Instantly With An App? Well Shiftwear Wants To Make This Insane Idea a Reality


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We are living in times when technology permeates all segments of our society. When it comes to fashion and technology, there have been mixtures as well, but usually, that were pretty much cumbrous attempts. But now we have something that looks really cool and combines technology and fashion in a smooth way. Introducing ShiftWear

The ShiftWear sneakers are not real yet, and they might never be. They are  on Indiegogo in order to help finish the prototype by an ongoing campaign. But anyway, ShiftWear has a great idea.  The sides of this futuristic sneakers are made of a flexible e-paper display like the kind you’d find on a Kindle. The idea is that you can alter via a smartphone app the design of the sneakers and feature different graphics and illustrations — even ones you illustrate yourself. Awesome, right?! From ShiftWear even think that by the time a mobile marketplace of shapeshifting shoe styles will be created, which sounds pretty much possibly.


New York-based ShiftWear doesn’t know for sure if this type of flexible e-paper display could reliably work sandwiched in between layers of synthetic material. “The existing technologies suffer from certain issues and we are working to solve them,” acknowledges from ShiftWear, but they don’t share much info about the process due to competitive issues.

But, judging by the fact that they are taking preorders for three different styles of shoe for $150, $250, and $350 on Indiegogo with a delivery date of fall 2016, they are on good track to realize this interesting product created by David Coelho. If you are dying to get a pair of these unreal looking shoes you can take yourself a slight financial risk and support ShiftWear on their way from idea to market.



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