Super Cool Ray Gun Nose Trimmer Will Blast Your Nose Hairs Into Oblivion


Every man will have to deal with nose hair. Whether you like it or not, the time will come when your nose hairs will start to live on the wild side and you will have to keep them in check. Like you will never go scuba diving without the proper equipment, you should never try and trim your nose hairs without a good nose trimmer.

nose trimmer (1)

Maybe you’re just fine and your nose hairs are like little soldiers standing in line and the one who needs the help of a good nose trimmer is a friend and you can help him out. Doesn’t matter what the case is, it’s clear that no one should live with getting up in the morning and looking in the mirror and cringing. So what to do? Pluck those bad boys one by one? Hell to the NO! Pull the trigger on this awesome looking ray gun nose trimmer and blast those hairs into outer space.

nose trimmer 3 (1)

Now just to be clear, this Ray gun nose trimmer will not fire any laser beams of any kind and it works on regular AA batteries. Pro tip – it’s also great for those pesky ear ears. Get it here

nose trimmer 2 (1)


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