World’s Coolest Mom Surprises Her Transgender Teen With Hormone Therapy


“Mother knows best”, as we always hear it everywhere! And that is generally true about mothers who always know how to make their kids be positive and see life as a wonderful gift from God. They are best encourage-rs and advisers and it seems that they have all the wisdom needed to deal with their kids. Doing the best for their children is a mother’s no. 1 goal in life. Making them happy is the second.

Supportive Mom Surprise Her Transgender Teen with Hormone Therapy

Erica Maison is one of the typical example of a mother, whom i think is the coolest, who’ll do all her best to make her children happy, who surprised her 14-year old transgender teen, Corey with a first dose of hormone therapy whom have waited  two and a half years to finally get it. Corey’s reaction is incredible and emotional when she saw it, because she doesn’t have to hide what she really feels, instead she can finally live her life normally and free from bullying and ridicule of people.

Supportive Mom Surprise Her Transgender Teen with Hormone Therapy 4

When Maison noticed that her child acts differently and loves to wear make-ups and high heels, she decided to bring her in a gender clinic for a suppressing puberty implant. This was followed with the estrogen hormone as her next procedure. She believes that she did what’s best for Corey because she loves her daughter dearly and doesn’t want live in agony forever.

Mothers out there will completely understand and relate with what Maison did to make her daughter happy. It is just an instinct to do what needs to do for your child’s sake. Such an inspiring story!

Supportive Mom Surprise Her Transgender Teen with Hormone Therapy 2

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