16 Giant Maine Coon Cats That Will Make You Feel Really Small

Maine Coon Cats photos 15

Maine Coon Cats are widely known as the largest domesticated breed of cats and is one of the most popular breed in the US. It is native from America with a very long hair and is known to be expensive. Maine Coons are believed to have originated from Maine but what remains a mystery is how they originated. Nonetheless, Maine Coons are highly sociable and are able to relate very well to their owners. They are often times called ‘dogs of the cat world’ because of their loyalty and playful attitude towards their owners.

In the 2012 Guinnes Book of World Record, the title for the longest cat was awarded to Stewie who measured about 48.5 inches and  weighed about 35 pounds.

There was a myth that these maine coons are closely related to raccoons which also believed to have mate with a normal size cat. But these myths are genetically not possible. These adorable giant cats will definitely make your cats look little because of its gigantic size. Unlike other breeds of cats, Maine Coons literally love water and has a high tolerance in coldness and winter season due to to its long and thick fur that covers their entire body.

1. look at this huge maine coon cat that will scare the living crap out of your dog

Maine Coon Cats photos 1


2. Or this big guy who can easily play in the next season of Game Of Thrones

Maine Coon Cats photos 2

3. I love this list of Maine Coon Cats because of this picture. Honestly

Maine Coon Cat photos 3

4. They both have blue eyes and red hair, that’s a deadly combination

Maine Coon Cat photos 4

5. ” What are you looking at?!? ” Cat probably

Maine Coon Cats photos 5


6. This cat is better looking than my entire family ( including me )

Maine Coon Cats photos 6

7. He knows he’s big and fluffy…he knows

Maine Coon Cats photos 7

8. Look at those big fluffy ears, if i wasn’t terrified by his size, i pet him

Maine Coon Cat photos 8

9. That face looks like he’s about to fight a human and win. Maine coon cats are badass!

Maine Coon Cats photos 9


10. ” This is my couch. No one should sit on it except me, you know what will happen if my demands are not met “

Maine Coon Cat photos 10

11. This is the most beautiful maine coon cat i ever saw.

Maine Coon Cat photos 12

12. Jesus, this cat is so thick he could challenge Mike Tyson in a heavyweight fight and actually win

Maine Coon Cat photos 13

13. Although he’s big, he looks so cute and cuddly

Maine Coon Cats photos 14


14. Best picture on this list hands down. ( or up )

Maine Coon Cats photos 15

15. Whoa! Look at that form

Maine Coon Cats photos 16

16. Look at that tail man!

maine coon cats 16

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    J. Anthony Carter

    December 5, 2015 at 4:25 am

    The only word that even begins to come to mind… even with those kittehs being held in a silly way, is Maj-muthafukkin-gestic! I WANT one of these beautiful beasts!

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