Life-Changing “Stairway To Heaven” Cover Makes Robert Plant Burst In Tears


Led Zeppelin’s most famous song and hailed as one of the greatest rock songs of all time,  ” Stairway to Heaven ” was sung and performed by Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart in The Kennedy Center during the 35th Annual Kennedy Center Honors Gala in Washington, DC last December 02, 2012.

In the video, Led Zeppelin members, vocalist Robert Plant, guitarist Jimmy Page and keyboardist John Paul Jones who were wearing a rainbow colored sash, were seated at the balcony together with other honorees as President Obama and wife Michelle while astonishingly watching the finale performance in honor to their remarkable contribution in the music industry for decades. It was indeed a night to pay tribute to the surviving members of the band.

This cover of Stairway to Heaven is undeniably one of the best covers ever performed heartily which brought the famous band to tears of joy knowing how their song continuously inspires people and hearers and how it brought such impact and influence to their lives.

After the stunning performance of the Wilson sisters in their own rendition of the song, the video immediately went viral and earned positive feedbacks and appreciation from those who watched it. This event indeed has become a part of Led Zeppelin’s history.

Source: Littlethings