Hipster Grandma Baddie Winkle Is 86 Years Old And Crushing It On Social Media

I’ve read recently some article on the Internet proposing rules about behavior on social medias. One of them goes like this – It is not appropriate to post a selfie after the age of 35. What do you think about this, ha?! Well, rules are meant to be broken, after all, and this eighty-six-old hipster grandma named baddie winkle is doing that big time!

This bad-ass granny whose photos you’re about to see in the gallery below goes on the Instagram under the name baddie winkle. She is as hip and groovy as she was at her 20’s as you can see. She shares photos almost every day on Instagram and Twitter, just like any other hipster, from her unusual retirement life. You may like it, or not, one thing is for sure – the hipster grandma doesn’t care! Otherwise, she wouldn’t have had over 200.000 followers on Twitter and over 30.000 on Instagram.

Baddie winkle is a great-grandmother. If you read carefully the text following photos of her posts, you’ll notice that she is totally up-to-date with hip slang and modern phenomena such as  “twerking”. So, she can chat with her great-grandchildren with no problem and maybe even go out with them, why not! One of them has a store on Etsy and baddiewinkle’s account is linked to that page. Check it out if you need a booty-shorts.

More Info: Instagram | Twitter | Etsy

“It is not appropriate to post a selfie after age of 35,” 

hipster grandma baddie winkle (1)

Rules are there to be broken and the hipster grandma baddie winkle doesn’t care what you think.

hipster grandma baddie winkle 2 (1)

This bad-ass granny goes on the Instagram under the name baddiewinkle.

hipster grandma baddie winkle 3 (1)

Baddiewinkle is a great-grandmother and as hip as her great-grandchildren.

hipster grandma baddie winkle 4 (1)

She has over 200.000 followers on Twitter and over 30.000 on Instagram.

hipster grandma baddie winkle 5 (1)


hipster grandma baddie winkle 6 (1)


hipster grandma baddie winkle 7 (1)

Cool outfit

hipster grandma baddie winkle 8 (1)

Groovy outfit

hipster grandma baddie winkle 9 (1)

Baddiewinkle sanding you peace and love!

hipster grandma baddie winkle 10 (1)

Can this hipster grandma be anymore cooler? I don’t think so. Share this cool post



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