‘Golden Girls’-Inspired Granny Lingerie Is a Big Thing Right Now


Utah-based designer and Etsy Shop Seller, Candice Pugh comes up with a brilliant yet humorous idea of transforming ordinary undergarments into granny lingeries that she is selling out into sharp-witted ladies about pop culture in her Etsy Shop. What’s even more interesting and outrageous is her latest collection and witty designs of granny lingerie which is ‘Golden Girls-inspired’. She made a four-pack set of lingeries highlighting the four well-known older ladies in America with their faces on each lingerie.

Since these lingeries are designed according to each one’s unique character and attributes, among the four designs, Blanche lingerie has additional enhancement and decoration. Blanche was characterized in the comedy sitcom as more concerned and somehow obsessed with men, so lingeries designed with her face were made without crotch.

So, if you’re still clueless about what gift is the best for this Holiday season, feel free to see more of Pugh’s creative granny lingerie in her Etsy Shop so you can choose the best for your friend or loved one. It is available for purchase in singles or set.


Granny Lingerie 1

Granny Panties trend 2

Granny Panties trend 3

Granny Panties trend 4

Below are some of Pugh’s humorous designs on granny lingerie:

Granny Panties trend 5

Granny Panties trend 6

Granny Panties trend 7

Granny Lingerie 8

Source: Boredpanda