Awesome Teabags That Looks Like a Goldfish Is Swimming In Your Cup

If you are looking for some unusual yet cool and fanciful stuff, you can easily find them displayed around the internet. You can name anything you want, and it will be available for you.

These teabags are not your ordinary teabag in your cup because these are brilliantly designed to change into a goldfish when dunked into hot water poured in your cup. For some reason, it would look like as if a goldfish is happily swimming inside the cup. This was made possible by the students of St. Johns University in Taipei some years ago when they came up with this witty idea. It is finally available on Amazon for purchase.

These teabags literally swell when dipped into hot water while its mouth is attached to a thread which resembles a fish trapped in a fishing rod. These teabags come in four different variants which cost for about $80 each box with 12 pieces of teabags. It sounds expensive but is definitely worth it.

Goldfish tea Bags 1

Goldfish tea Bags 2

Goldfish tea Bags 3

Goldfish tea Bags 4

Goldfish tea Bags 5





Source: Distractify



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