Golden Age Era Characters Dance To The Popular ‘Uptown Funk’


After a mega viral hit that featured a well-known song ” Uptown Funk” matched up with various dance scenes taken from popular movies, Michael Binder who is known to have a devout interest for them become inspired to conceptualize his own mash up version of the song with the dance clips taken from the  Golden Age Cinema movies.

He had carefully searched for hundreds of movies in the 1950s and earlier which took him a long while to come up with the right choice of scenes that will perfectly match up with each line of the song. When he edited it all together, the result was amazing, as the video features our legendary all-time favorite singers and dancers.

You may never imagine legends like Sherly Temple, Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, and Judy Garland to dance in the tune of the newest and one of the most popular song of this century.

It’s pretty astonishing how much time was exerted to edit this video by forming together all the parts needed for each line of song. He really is very interested in doing things like this and he absolutely knows what he is doing.

The video he created is enjoyable and fun to watch. All his efforts and the time he exerted in this video was all worth it because of the positive feedback from those who watched it. It is definitely worth the time watching!

Source: Littlethings