Folding slide for stairs SlideRider Turns Your Boring Stairs Into a Cool Slide For Kids

Do you know the folding slide for stairs product? If you are a parent of small kids, you probably should. This little gizmo will not only save you hours of boredom, it also turns your house into a theme park with a huge slide that your kids can play and slide and let’s face it, get that energy out without freaking you out.

As a parent, you have probably noticed a number of times that your toddler keeps sliding down your staircase. A lot of us can remember even doing it ourselves as children. Even with the help of cardboard, carpets, sleeping bags or mats, sliding down the stairs could be very dangerous for kids and could even cause a lot of painful injuries.

Every parent knows that having kids can be a tough ride sometimes, your kids need entertainment, and when there’s a lack of time and space, that is when getting creative can come quite handy. Sometimes you just don’t have the time to take your kids to the park, or the weather prevents you of doing so. On these occasions, many parents get creative and craft toys and games for their children, and that is exactly how the folding slide for stairs was invented.

If you snoop around the internet, you will find that one of the most popular searches that comes up is The SlideRider. Invented by Trisha Cleveland, this slide consists of foldable, colorful foam mats that can be laid over and safely attached to the staircase, creating a smooth surface. The SlideRider also has bumpers on both sides, which help in preventing your children from sliding out of the stairs, and soft landing pad at the bottom. Once your kids stop using the slide, it can be easily folded and put aside until further use.

This is an amazing way to turn your home into a real fun-house and keep your kids entertained during rainy or busy days. This idea made a ton of positive feedback, with parents claiming that they would buy the foldable slide themselves, never mind the children. The slide is still in process of development and is awaiting safety approval.

While you wait on The SlideRider to get approved and come to markets, you can check out SlideWhizzer. Despite the fact that The SlideWhizzer is not foldable, it has somewhat similar features to The SlideRider, and its safety has already been approved. The SlideWhizzer consists of plastic blocks- the main piece, the ending piece, and the extension piece, which are added to one another, steel handrails and an adjustable bar for the safe attachment to the stairs. What is also great about this type of slide is that you can connect the extension pieces one to another and make the slide longer.

If you think that these inventions aren’t so trustworthy, or if you’re simply short on money, there is still a way you can keep your kids entertained, and save some money, too. A great idea is to build a staircase slide yourself. For some parents, this might seem a bit too hard, but with many ideas on Pinterest, and tutorials on Youtube, crafting a slide shouldn’t seem more complicated than solving a puzzle. To get you going, follow this dad’s step-by-step tutorial and learn how to make a fun staircase slide for your kids.

The SlideRider – Folding Slide for stairs was the invention we always wanted

folding slide for stairs 1 (1)

You can easily fold it and get it up the stairs and start sliding in just a few minutes

folding slide for stairs 2 (1)

Best part is it is not just for kids, adults can have fun with it too

folding slide for stairs 3 (1)

It’s made of super soft mattress so that you won’t feel the stairs below

folding slide for stairs 4 (1)

And even has side shields so you won’t fly off the slide

folding slide for stairs 5 (1)

When you’re done having fun, nicely store it behind your stairs – simple and easy

folding slide for stairs 6 (1)

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