Everyday Struggles Only Flat Girls Know All Too Well


People are not born the same way. They come in different sizes and shapes. Some are slim and skinny while others are chubby and even fat. Some girls are busty while others are flat-chested. While some don’t really care about how they look for as long as they know and believe that they are pretty, there are girls who have a real and serious problem with being flat chested especially in a world where busty girls draw so much attention. It’s undeniably a struggle for some flat girls out there!

Having a flat chest fairly common among women with a small built. Flat chest is notably lack of having breast tissues. For some flat girls, their self-image and self-esteem decreases whenever they are around full chested girls. If you are a girl with a flat chest – you know these struggles and problems and you can totally relate to. All illustrations are created by Camille

flat girl problems 2

flat girl problems 3

flat girl problems 4

flat girl problems 5

flat girl problems 6

flat girl problem 7

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flat girl problem 9

flat girls problems 10

flat girl problems 11

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