This Doctor Who Tardis Ring Will Help You Express Your Love Through Time And Space


How was this not done until now? The jewellery designer Drew Rummell has created an amazing collection of TARDIS rings, the beautiful rings have sparkling diamonds and blue sapphires and its the ultimate engagement ring for that awesome Doctor Who fan you have in your life. Think about it, nothing will say ” everlasting love ” like a ring designed on a time machine right? You know we’re right. But before you run off to the store and buy this, know that the price tag of $1,100 won’t give you the power to travel through space and time, but you can also get this ring in white or nose gold for $1,900 or titanium version for $3,000. Check the link for the online store: dtekdesigns

doctor tardis ring 6

doctor tardis ring 7

doctor tardis ring 8

doctor tardis ring 9

doctor tardis ring 10

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