Cool Vintage Disneyland Attraction Posters Of The Happiest Place On Earth


Disneyland is an institution in the US and Europe. Walt Disney created this amazing, magical place for kids to go and be kids. There’s never been a creator, that I know of, that’s created films like he has. And characters that can be passed down and loved from generation to generation.

These vintage Disneyland attraction posters were just sold a few weeks ago at the Profiles in History auction of Hollywood memorabilia. These 36-by-54 inch vintage posters advertised attractions at Disneyland like railroad and airline travel posters. When I first saw these posters, I didn’t realize how old they were. I would have thought they were made much more recently.

Whoever bought these posters is a very lucky person. They should feel proud to own these. They may be worth even more money some day, but I don’t think I could part with them, myself. I would hang them up in a special place in my home and never take them down. Take a look at these Disney posters that are still in perfect conditions. Let us know what you think in the comments section.

A Disney Attration Poster of Fantasyland

disneyland attraction posters (1)


The theme is all of the posters is pretty much consistent with a flat and minimalistic design

disneyland attraction posters 2 (1)

The cool Monorail that was ahead of it’s time – only in Disneyland

disneyland attraction posters 3 (1)

Do you want to see America from out of space?

disneyland attraction posters 4 (1)

The Skyway, before there was even a sky!

disneyland attraction posters 5 (1)


Ride the Santa Fe Disneyland R.R via Grand Canyon Diorama

disneyland attraction posters 6 (1)

Adventure thru inner space – sounds exciting

disneyland attraction posters 7 (1)

Golden Horseshoe Revue, notice it is sponsored by Pepsi Cola

disneyland attraction posters 8 (1)

Explore Uncharted seas with a Submarine Voyage!

disneyland attraction posters 9 (1)


Visit the magical world of Alice in Wonderland – whoa!

disneyland attraction posters 10 (1)

Flight to the moon!

disneyland attraction posters 11 (1)

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More info: Profiles in History website | Source: mymodernmet



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