Cancer Survivor Designs The Cards She Wished She Got From Friends And Family


” The most difficult part of my illness wasn’t losing my hair, or being erroneously called ‘sir’ by Starbucks baristas, or sickness from chemo, it was the loneliness and isolation I felt when many of my close friend and family members disappeared because they didn’t know what to say, or said the absolute wrong thing without realizing it ” These are the words of now 38-year-old Emily McDowell from Los Angeles.

The artist was diagnosed with stage 3 Hodgkin’s lymphoma at the age of 24 – she then undergo nine months of chemo before going into remission. Ever since Emily was cancer-free but the emotional impact of the whole experience still lingers on, it inspired her to create a series of Empathy Cards, which are emotionally greeting cards that say all the things she wanted to hear when she was sick. More info: Website

Cancer survivor cards 2

Cancer survivor cards 3

Cancer survivor cards 4

Cancer survivor cards 5

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Cancer survivor cards 9

Source: Imgur