Watch Ben Stiller’s Really Really Ridiculously Cute Son Doing Blue Steel At The Zoolander 2 Premiere

While Ben Stiller may have invented the “blue steel” look for his now famous character Derek Zoolander, his only son Quinlin gave the old man a run for his money at the opening of Zoolander 2 this week.

Like father

ben stiller son doing blue steel 1

When the son of Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor took to the red carpet everyone was  surprised, and the press was thrilled when young Stiller flashed his version of dad’s trademark “blue Steel”. Onlookers went crazy for this camera savvy kid and Mom and Dad couldn’t be prouder!

At age 3 Quinlin was a voice in Madagascar escape 2 Africa, but now it looks like he’s ready for his close-up!

Watch to see what Quinlin does next, and look for Zoolander 2 to hit theatres Friday!

Like son

ben stiller son doing blue steel 2

blue steel face 3

blue steel face 4

ben stiller son doing blue steel 5
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