Riding His Bike Every Day With GPS Creates These Cute Doodles

BC Canada cyclist Stephen Lund has found a way to create art on an epic scale. Lund uses his GPS to map his multi-kilometer creations. By riding 70+ km per day and by following a pre-planned map he creates familiar line drawings that literally jump off the map.

He started his unique art form as a way to exercise and created something memorable. To date his most impressive piece is a 223 km mermaid, but he has more of these grandiose pieces in the works. More info: gpsdoodles

gps doodles 1

gps doodles 2

gps doodle 3

gps doodle 4

gps doodle 5

gps doodle 6

gps doodle 7

gps doodle 8

gps doodle 9

gps doodle 10

gps doodle 11

gps doodle 12

gps doodle 13

gps doodle 14

gps doodle 15

gps doodle 16

gps doodles 17

gps doodles 18
Source: Boredpanda



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