Life Has Never Been Easier With These 12 Amazing Bottle Hacks


An empty plastic bottle basically is of no use anymore, but you can’t afford not to do something in order to recycle it. So many plastic cans and bottles are thrown everyday and private sectors and non-government offices are formulating ways to recycle them just like you do.

Throwing it away is the least that you can do, right? Now, since recyling is one of your options, why don’t you just think of something more useful than that? Like reusing them for other purposes. Your old, empty bottles can have so many different uses. Just bring out some creative juices inside of you!

Take a read on these 12 amazing bottle hacks that can  guide you to create your own unique items made from plastic bottles. Be inspired!


This cutie patootie piggy bank bottle will attract you to put some more coins and money in it. bottle hacks 2

Bottle ends, when dipped in paints can provide an awesome beauty  to your paintings or art designs. bottle hacks 3

When you forgot to buy a broom, and you need to clean up some mess in the floor, get your empty bottle and do exactly like this. bottle hacks 4

This is impressive! Looks elegant either. bottle hacks 5

Problems with a messy painting is now resolved with this one! bottle hacks 6

This Do-it-yourself bag holder clears up all the plastic bag clutter into one place. Just simply pull it. bottle hacks 7

Make a cellphone holder while charging out of this empty lotion bottle. bottle hacks 8

Having a problem with watering can? Simply use a hot needle for putting holes at the top of bottle lid. bottle hacks 9

Use this old soap dispenser to fill balloons with water so fast and easy. bottle hacks 10

Put your vinaigrette sauce to an empty Mio vessel to retain salad freshness and a mess-free transport. bottle hacks 11

Frustrated in making perfect size pancakes? Do this simple hack and you’ll be happier next time.

bottle hacks 12

Make a faucet extender for youngsters using this old empty bottle. It’s cheap, easy and quick to do!

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