Alyson Tabbitha Is a Better Johnny Depp Than He Is, Watch Her Amazing Cosplays


Have you ever mistaken a cosplayer to be the real deal? This lady cosplayer could leave you puzzled after carefully looking at her, wearing the entire look of Jack Sparrow. Alyson Tabbitha’s cosplay of Johnny Depp is stellarly wonderful. She is so good at this that you will have a hard time noticing who is the original and who is a copycat.

The two iconic characters of Johnny Depp which are really difficult ones to copy, is her newest cosplay project; only shows she is dead serious in cosplaying.

Take a look at Jack Sparrow and be amazed! Here’s Edward Scissorhand cosplay of Tabbitha.

She is undoubtedly an expert at this cosplaying thing, having no problem transforming herself into a wild and crazy character. Her before and after photos are impressive!

If you ever wonder how did she do all that, watch this video of make-up tutorial, and wear it in a costume party.

Source: someecards

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