After Watching Peggy The Doll 80 People Reported Feeling Nausea And Severe Headaches, This Doll Has Everyone Creeped Out


If you haven’t heard of Peggy the doll yet, maybe think about leaving this post before reading on. The video below of this creepy doll has become viral and caused a lot of noise with paranormal fans from all over the world. It has been rumored that this doll managed to get one british women into a heart attack.

Many people noted that they suffered from chest pain, nausea and hard headaches after looking at photos of Peggy the doll or her video. They said that to Paranormal investigator Jayne Harris. It is believed the doll is possessed with an evil spirit.

The doll is so creepy it seems, that even one woman said she experienced an alleged heart attack after viewing the video of Peggy in a car.

peggy the doll (1)

” If i had to guess, i’d say close to 80 people have came forward with experiences. Some are small, like computer screens freezing, sharp headaches or a sense of dread. ”


One woman said that when she opened and viewed a picture of Peggy the doll, her computer screen froze and the room became cold.

Here’s a video of peggy if you’re not afraid:

Below is a picture of Jane Harrison and Peggy the mannequin

peggy the doll 2 (1) peggy the doll 3 (1)

The same woman said she felt that someone was in the room with her while watching the picture and she got really upset.

jane Harris continues to say that another lady reported that after she spoke about Peggy, the lightbulbs in her home exploded and she felt a strange presence in her home after that. ” When it comes to Peggy, it seems these effects happen even after seeing her or talking about her. ”

peggy the doll 4 (1)

Mrs Harris herself also said that she felt drained and exhusted after dealing with Peggy and she never felt something like this before.peggy the doll 5 (1)


Jane runs an organization called Haunted dolls and she sometimes recieve dolls and other creepy objects via mail with no name.

peggy the doll 6 (1)

After getting them, she uses a variety of gadgets to try and figure out what’s the deal with them.

peggy the doll 7 (1)

Peggy the doll was sent to her after her previous owner reported to be waken up at night feeling hot and shaken.

peggy the doll 8 (1) peggy the doll 9 (1)

Do you feel anything after watching her photos? Tell us in the comments below


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