49 Extremely Useful Life Hacks Nobody Should Ever Try

Life is hard enough without having to use some useful life hacks or to deal with little annoying things right? For most of us we go through our lives just trying to do the best we can with what we have, but there are people who just don’t give a F about anything and would sell their own mother to save a quick buck. We imagine these types of people are the ones who actually use these little useful life hacks that we posted below, and although we can’t confirm or deny these actually work, we are sure some of them do. Read these 49 everyday life hacks and if you are one of those people who actually do stuff like that please tell us in the comments so that everyone else will know what gives. *We do not support or encourage anyone to try these ” hacks ” they are for satirical purposes only 


Useful life hacks #1: Burry a dead dog or dear above the body you bury to fool the sniffing dogs.

amazing life hacks 1

2: This easy life hack is for the skateboarders. The bolts and nuts that hold most street signs in Ameirca are the same as the kingpin nut on your board.

amazing life hacks 2

3: Download music and movies easy with google

amazing life hacks 3

4: Use this format to google TV shows: sXXeXX

amazing life hacks 4

5: Walk into a busy hotel between 6am – 8am and eat for free

amazing life hacks 5

6: When you eat and spend less than $50, don’t sign the credit card bill and after call the CC company and contest the charges. They will refund your money

useful life hacks 6

7: Give people small tasks first, then drop the big mission on them.

amazing life hacks 7

8: Basically steal CD’s and DVD’s by going to the self checkout

amazing life hacks 8

9: When you slash someone’s tires only cut two or three

amazing life hacks 9

10: Paint over the wet stickers inside your phone to replace it with a new one after it gets wet

amazing life hacks 10

11: Sign up to a progressive car insurance then cancel it to get out of tickets because no one checks this.

amazing life hacks 11

12: Only date single moms, for obvious reasons

amazing life hacks 12

13: Get a new laptop just before your warranty expires.

amazing life hacks 13

14: Pretend you have a family at work to get out of things

amazing life hacks 14

15: Realtors have keys to empty houses all over town, so have an affair with them.

amazing life hacks 15

16: Signup someone you hate with the KKK to get them in trouble.

amazing life hacks 16

17: Break your landlord windows if they give you bogus charges

amazing life hacks 17

18: Advertise similar cars to yours with an inflated price to sell your own car more expensivly

amazing life hacks 18

19: Make your annoying neighboor’s dog the runs with cheese

useful life hacks 19

20: Use this useful life hacks to get a longer lunch break at work.

amazing life hacks 20

21: Break up with your girlfriend just when she get her period so she wont lie and say she’s pregnant

amazing life hacks 21

22: Use oral fixation as a way to enjoy dating.

amazing life hacks 22

23: Get the cheapest concert tickets and just when the show starts check which sits are empty and get a better seat.

amazing life hacks 23

24: Get free drinks with a lady friend at the bar.

amazing life hacks 24

25: Drive a white pickup to get anywhere you want without trespassing.

amazing life hacks 25

26: Put your car in a cheap tire rotation offer to park your car cheaper while doing errands.

amazing life hacks 26

27: Get an expensive bottle of wine by replacing its bar code with a cheap one.

amazing life hacks 27

28: Dress well and get on board the plane last to sit in first class.

amazing life hacks 28

29: Fool your boss you have a special needs child to leave work early or get free sick days whenever you want. ( this is low )

amazing life hacks 29

30: Get cheaper car fixes by telling the dealership guy you want to sell your car to him.

amazing life hacks 30

31: Use this useful life hack to sit alone on the bus

amazing life hacks 31

32: Add buzzwords to your CV to get through HR screening.

useful life hacks 32

33: Get a private room in the hospital by saying you have a relative with active TB.

amazing life hacks 33

34: Download the low res image you get from istock then google it to find the high res image free on different sites.

amazing life hacks 34

35: Pour coffee in the toilet to save it for later without anyone using it all day.

amazing life hacks 35

36: Offer Goodwill products on sale on Craigslist and when soneone wants to buy just get it from the store at a lower price.

amazing life hacks 36

37: Buy cheap Eddie Bauer clothes at Goodwill then take it to Eddie Bauer store and exchange it for new items. They get mad, but they do it.

amazing life hacks 37

38: Take a photo of the game CD key to use it later. Loss prevention can’t do shit.

amazing life hacks 38

39: Get your enemy speeding tickets by replacing your license plate with theirs.

amazing life hacks 39

40: Buy a camera before going on vacation then transfer the pics to a flash drive and return the camera to the store.

amazing life hacks 40

41: Get new windshield by driving behind a truck with rocks and call the 1-800 number saying a rock broke your windshield.

useful life hacks 41

42: Get an expensive item by placing it inside a bigger cheaper item and get your friends buy it the day after.

amazing life hacks 42

43: Act deaf when being pulled over. The cop will probably let you go with a warning because he dosen’t want to deal with you.

amazing life hacks 43

44: Rent a car with the same tires as yours and replace the tires.

amazing life hacks 44

45: Send dick pics from a PC of someone you hate at your work to a women you know will report it to HR. Person gone.

amazing life hacks 45

46: Peel the little sticker that activates the alerm on a book you want to buy. Free book.

amazing life hacks 46

47: Drink 300-600mg of vitamin C a day for 2-3 days to induce your period if you think you’re pregnant. Saved $300 on a hasty abortion.

amazing life hacks 47

48: Put clear skateboard grip tape over your license plate. Cameras that use flash will just capture a bright light.

amazing life hacks 48

Useful life hacks #49: Park in the ” mother and child ” parking spot to get a close spot next to the store.

Useful Life Hacks 49

If you tried any of these useful life hacks please share with us which one works and which one you should not try.

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