44 Myth Vs Reality Illustrations That Will Make You Think For a Change

myth vs reality feat
My life is a lie! I thought a lot of these myths were true until I saw these myth vs reality memes. And the one about vaccines causing autism makes me cringe. Honestly, if anyone still believes that, they should take a rocket ship right up to Mars and just stay there.
It’s amazing the kind of garbage information that’s spread from person to person. And people just believe it. I’m guilty of believing some things without question too. But as I get older I become more wary of false information. I’m constantly looking for proof of everything. And you should too. It’s actually fun. If something doesn’t sound quite right just do some investigating. And when you find out the truth, guess what! You just learned something new.
I know I sound like an overly enthusiastic teacher, but when you’re an adult you tend to stop learning. If you’re not in high school or college you just kind of wash your hands of learning new things. But learning new things can actually be fun if it’s information you actually want to know.
Okay, I’m done lecturing. Take a look at these shocking myth vs reality images and let us know what you think in the comments section.

1. Dogs only see in black and white. FALSE! This is just the first of myth vs reality pictures on this list

myth vs reality (1)


2. The truth is that bulls react to the movement of the flag, not the color.

myth vs reality 2 (1)

3. Not true

myth vs truth 3 (1)

4. Whoever made this up

myth vs truth 4 (1)

5. You didn’t knew this right?

myth vs truth 5 (1)


6. Actually elephants walk really quietly

myth vs truth 6 (1)

7. Just because it is huge doesn’t mean it can eat a car

myth vs truth 7 (1)

8. Like a lot of people

myth vs truth 8 (1)

9. Actually, mice love other foods too.

myth vs truth 9 (1)


10. Fish can talk. Bet you didn’t know this myth vs truth fact

myth vs truth 10 (1)

11. Hard crest, not a horn

myth vs truth 11 (1)

12. Good to know!

myth vs truth 12 (1)

13. All sweet juices have sugar, not only Coca Cola

myth vs truth 13 (1)


14. Remember that experiment where you put a tooth inside a Coca Cola glass and wait for it to dissolve? Well, it won’t

myth vs real life 14 (1)

15. Tea should be drunk immediately

myth vs real life 15 (1)

16. So cut down on your tea

myth vs real life 16 (1)

17. You hear that. no spirits are needed

myth vs real life 17 (1)

18. You always eat while you drink, that’s the real problem

myth vs real life 18 (1)


19. So try to not drink milk while you’re sick

myth vs real life 19 (1)

20. It’s best to drink a glass of water in the morning.

myth vs real life 20 (1)

21. It’s only in the movies

myth vs real life 21 (1)

22. Again, this popular thing only happens in movies. This is my favorite myth vs reality image

myth vs real life 22 (1)

23. Did we say it only happens in movies yet?

myth vs real life 23 (1)

24. Not solve crimes

myth vs real life 24 (1)

25. Don’t wait 24 hours if you have genuine concerns

myth vs real life 25 (1)

26. Because he’s mostly underwater trying to survive

lie vs reality 26 (1)

27. Hitting two targets at once is really hard

lie vs reality 27 (1)

28. you still fire a gunshot, so it’s loud. This myth is bull

lie vs reality 28 (1)

29. So don’t try this at home

lie vs reality 29 (1)

30. That’s why you need to use hand signals

lie vs reality 30 (1)

31. Yeah, you can’t do that for reals. Another myth buster here

lie vs reality 31 (1)

32. So you can actually cruise through

lie vs reality 32 (1)

33. Hours lost can’t be recovered

lie vs reality 33 (1)

34. Don’t self medicate

lie vs reality 34 (1)

35. When you’re dirty, take a shower, there is no rule

lie vs reality 35 (1)

36. Germs can travel a long way

false vs reality 36 (1)

37. Twice a day, not after every meal

false vs reality 37 (1)

38. It’s better to stay active

false vs reality 38 (1)

39. Some germs are ok for us

false vs reality 39 (1)

40. Who the hell thought of this myth vs reality thing

false vs reality 40 (1)

41. You should sleep 7-8 hours every day, no more, no less

false vs reality 41 (1)

42. It’s better to just ease in to it

false vs reality 42 (1)

43. Every other way will just hurt your back

false vs reality 43 (1)

44. Not all sunglasses are equal

myth vs reality 44 (1)

These myth vs truths really for me thinking about what is true and what not. Share with your friends to make them think for a change