The 32 Best Alternative Movie Posters Ever Created

The internet can either be a place to dump a bunch of useless and sometimes terrible stuff or it can be a place to display some awesome stuff. It’s up to us how we see the internet. There has been a lot of garbage circulating on the internet lately. This is mostly due to the inauguration of the president of the United States. I keep thinking of the whole election in my head as a weird and awful period. But any way, garbage isn’t the only thing floating around the web lately. There’s some good stuff too.
For example, these awesome alternative movie posters. These are movie posters for actual movies that artists have created just because. They just wanted to show off their creativity and incredible talents. Take a look at these awesome alternative film posters and let us know what you think in the comments section.
My personal favorite is the Martian.

1. Psycho is the first on our alternative movie posters list

Alternative film Posters (1)

2. Reservoir dogs. Creative and cool

Alternative Movie Posters 2 (1)

3. The Fellowship of the Ring

Alternative film Posters 3 (1)

4. Fight Club. I like that you don’t really get it at first glance

Alternative film Posters 4 (1)

5. The Martian. My favorite

Alternative film Posters 5 (1)

6. Dr Strangelove

Alternative film Posters 6 (1)

7. Juno, such a cute little movie

Alternative film Posters 7

8. The Hurt Locker. Seen it?

Alternative film Posters 8 (1)

9. The Shawshank Redemption. Great Alternative movie posters example.

Alternative film Posters 9 (1)

10. The Shining – excellent horror movie

Alternative film Posters 10 (1)

11. Indiana Jones and the raiders of the lost ark

Alternative film Posters 11 (1)

12. Beetlejuice. Great Movie!!

Alternative film Posters 12 (1)

13. Finding Nemo, Everyone should watch this movie

Alt Movie Posters 13 (1)

14. Thor

Alt Movie Posters 14 (1)

15. Pan Labyrinth

Alt Movie Posters 15 (1)

16. The Dark Knight.

Alt Movie Posters 16 (1)

17. Monsters Inc

Alt Movie Posters 17 (1)

18. Bambi, a dark version of the light movie

Alt Movie Posters 18 (1)

19. Godzilla. Have you seen these cool godzilla fan art yet?

Alt Movie Posters 19 (1)

20. Taxi Driver. I take it back, this is my favorite movie poster

Alt Movie Posters 20 (1)

21. Pacific Rim

Alt Movie Posters 21 (1)

22. The Blues Brothers

Alt Movie Posters 22 (1)

23. Black Swan

Alt Movie Posters 23 (1)

24. Toy Story should look like this, AMAZING!

creative Movie Posters 24 (1)

25. Another Black Swan version

creative Movie Posters 25 (1)

26. E.T – call home

creative Movie Posters 26 (1)

27. The Little Mermaid

creative Movie Posters 27 (1)

28. Return of the Jedi

creative Movie Posters 28 (1)

29. Drive

creative movie posters 29

30. The Birds

creative movie posters 30

31. Back to the Future

creative movie posters 31

32. Blade Runner

alternative movie posters 32

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